Alberto Tadiello joins us on 7E

Alberto is an Italian audio/electronic installation artist. He creates various autonomous sonic machines and installations that at some point undergo a climactic state. ”I’m interested in creating a physical experience without implicating a physical contact,” he says. “What I want is to make something epidermic that borders visual and auditory sensations, becoming nearly tactile.” Alberto also uses aspects of sound like echo and resonance in his work. He says he wants people to “bring along the residue of what they saw, heard, and felt” after they experience his art.

EPROMs (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) is an installation consisting of wiring, transformers and electric motors which drive music boxes. Like the limited use memory chips that inspired it’s name, the art piece eventually wears out and changes over time, starting out as a “fairy-like” soundscape and eventually disintegrating into a cacophony of worn out mechanics.


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Policy Advisory
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Carl Zimmer on measuring the speed of thought.

Technology has long shaped our metaphors for the mind.

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The 2013 submarine cable map of the world, reminding us of the striking physicality of the internet. 
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~   Ray Kurzweil (via Las Vegas Sun News)

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Je viens de là
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~   The Nine Billion Names of God
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